About Us

The Firemen Movers consist of City and County Firefighters who help people move when they are not on shift at the Fire Department. The Firemen Movers are the strongest, fastest, most efficient group of movers backed with a reputation of 25 years of customer service excellence. They are a locally owned business based in Flagstaff Arizona averaging five hundred jobs a year. Most of the Fireman Movers clientele is local to Arizona, however nationwide service is welcome.

We specialize in local residential and business moves within the Flagstaff and Northern Arizona region.

If you are moving out of town or out of State, or you are relocating to Flagstaff and need some help unloading? The Firemen Movers can surely help. We do Load Only’s and Unloads on a daily basis. Book us now so you may rest easy!

Dave Ondrejech (Owner / Founder) Firemen Movers LLC

Greg Mclaughlin (Co-Owner) Firemen Movers LLC


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